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Rewriting the Future with Automation: Can AI Truly Replace Creative Copywriting?

Rewriting the Future with Automation: Can AI Truly Replace Creative Copywriting?

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The world is moving towards an intelligent future shaped by artificial intelligence, the abbreviation of AI. The introduction of AI has led to many technological advancements previously such as automating tasks and doing repetitive work. AI was previously assisting humans to make their work efficient and more productive consistently. However, very recently, AI development has picked up a great pace and is evolving at an astonishing rate. The next step in the AI world is generative AI which takes up the form of text, images and other media using generative models. The prime question is now to what extent AI can replace humans in their jobs. It is evident from history that whenever there is a technological advancement, people tend to lose jobs. Yet, the positive side is that more jobs are created due to the development of technology.

Let’s unfold the story and take a look at whether AI is going to eat up all the copywriting and content generation jobs or not.

The Development of AI and GenAI

Over the past 5 years, the most discussed topic in the world of technology is AI. AI is being developed and worked upon extensively. The global leader in this context has been OpenAI which introduced ChatGPT to the world. ChatGPT is a large language model or ‘LLM’ which generates human-like text when provided with a prompt. The model is entirely based on Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) with many versions. The latest of it is 4.0 which is a premium subscription service and has advanced learning models. This has enabled models to make informed decisions and provide justifications for their responses. ChatGPT can perfect anything in terms of text. Other than ChatGPT, BardAI and Midjourney are other platforms that can be used for generative AI. These models can produce images and text in seconds which took hours to complete for humans.

Although the advancement is very real and rapid, there are some limitations to it as well. Perfect in every aspect, ChatGPT cannot add the warmth, human touch and sympathy that humans can add to a story. Also, since it takes input from different users, the output is often repetitive. These things make its shortcomings prominent. Similarly, the models are also trained by humans on data gathered by humans hence, the creative element is missing. The strategic thinking and planning for the client side is to be still left with creative personnel which cannot be replaced by machines.

Can AI Take My Job Away?

Since AI has been introduced into a more industrial setting, people are being concerned about their jobs. People with low pay and repetitive jobs are at risk of losing their jobs. The main thing is that AI won’t take people’s jobs away. People who won’t adapt to AI changes certainly will. When Charles Darwin presented the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’, it was not meant to be physical or mental fitness. Instead, fitness was related to the ability to be able to adapt to outside changes. Similarly, individuals that will learn to use AI tools to make their jobs easy and efficient will be more in-demand. In the future, people who have strong command and grip on these AI tools will add much more value to the workforce than those performing small tasks such as data entry or record-keeping.

Even for Hollywood actors and scriptwriters, AI is becoming a hot topic. Movie writers are thinking that now the studios will use these generative models for writing movie scripts. Extras are also concerned that they will be scanned in the database and their roles will also be replaced by AI. For actors and scriptwriters, it might not be true but for creative copywriters, the sentiment is true. Although the AI models will not be able to mimic human emotions, the extra’s role will be minimized such as performing repetitive tasks. Copywriters, however, will see their jobs cut down to a minimum. The template-based content generation such as product descriptions or social media posts can be handled by the AI but the creative thinking and strategic planning will still remain with the humans. So, AI will only take up your job if you’re not adapting to the change.

What People Can Learn From This Disruption

Many times, people have cursed ChatGPT for taking up the jobs of many individuals that weren’t doing anything wrong. Their only wrongdoing was not staying up to date with the latest trends and upgrading their skills. The ChatGPT disruption has rocked the world and industry making people reimagine they can approach content generation and search engines. Imagine looking up 20 search results on Google for your specific answer but ChatGPT can produce it in mere 10 seconds. Imagine the time and effort it can save for you. Your precious time can be exerted on many creative things that will take up your mental effort. Remember, when faced with this type of dilemma, make sure to adapt to changes as soon as possible. Although these models will develop into many advanced machine-learning tools, they will still need human input to perform.

Final Say

The advancement of AI and ChatGPT has opened up more job opportunities such as prompt engineering and data labeling which will be more in demand. People are moving towards big data analytics and data sciences to contribute their part in AI and upgrade their skills to stay relevant in today’s competitive market. Job creation by AI and ChatGPT will benefit many individuals. To stay relevant, you must learn to partner with ChatGPT as a content creator or copywriter to make your work easy. Don’t think of it as your rival – consider it your partner to reap the most benefits from the growing field of AI. In case you are not familiar with such tools, make sure to choose the best service providers in Australia for creative copywriting who match up their skills with the present times and continue to evolve for gaining maximum benefits and output.