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Beat the Creative Block: Tips to Harness Creativity

Beat the Creative Block: Tips to Harness Creativity

Creative Block Design Vikings

Being creative requires you to be in a certain state – a relaxed state of mind that fosters creativity and artistic freedom bringing out the best in an artist. It is a zone where your best version comes out and a masterpiece is created. But if you’re an artist – or anyone that works for something that requires your mental capacity, you must’ve experienced a creative block. A creative block is a metaphor for a mental struggle to foster creativity that might limit your artistic sense and hinder you in your job. You might prepare everything, do everything right and brainstorm everything but it does not in any way guarantees that you won’t meet a dead end – the creative block. But you don’t have to worry, let’s look at some tips that can help you deter a mental block and stay the best version of yourself.

Tech Timeout

If you’ve spent a lot of time in front of the computer screen, try to take time off and go out for a walk. As designers and artists, we spend most of our time indulged in our screens. Take a break from your daily routine, grab a sketchbook and head out into the park, or any other place where you can find peace of mind. Stay away from tech and refresh your mind so that your creative block is trespassed and you will back to normal.

Don’t Force Creativity

Creativity is not an object – it won’t come and go at your will. Creativity is it self free will and will flow into you regardless of the place or time. Give your brain a break if you are facing a creative block. Get away from all the artistic things and relax. Watch a movie, go for a dine-out, hang out with friends and try again with a relaxed mind to try. If it still does not come, try prolonging the break because there is no prerequisite about a time which will instill a sense of creativity in you.

Always Keep Searching

You might be sitting in your comfort zone always, finding inspiration from single or multiple sources every time that you require something creative. However, if you have come across a creative block, maybe it’s time to change the source of inspiration. Think about your favorite artist or designer; look from their perspective what they would do in such a situation. If you don’t find the answer, step out of your comfort zone and look for answers elsewhere. Look at nature, mountains, new sights, anything that makes you feel relaxed. A relaxed mind can think better, and so it does eliminate the creative block.

Do a Repetitive Task

Sometimes, all you need is simple things to clear your head. A task that does not require any cerebral activity and is repetitive and monotonous in nature can help you stay more focused on the task at hand. Washing dishes, cleaning the house, maintaining your lawn, and washing a car are all monotonous tasks that can help you clear your thoughts. When done with it all, go back to your seat and see if you’ve surpassed the creative block. If not, indulge in another task and try again.

Don’t be Afraid; Be Courageous

The mistake most designers do is to fear failing and hence, not trying something different. Always allow yourself to fail and be ready for the challenges. Never turn your face to trying something new and creative that might help you defeat the mental block. The creative block is sometimes fear. It is better to try and fail rather than fail to try because with every failure, you learn something new and if you learn something new, you will always overcome the creative block.

Apply Pressure

When nothing seems to work, just get your head down and head to work. Apply some pressure of the deadline and work ethic to your artistic freedom and challenge yourself to do something better every time. The inspiration can come when you are sitting with hand on hand but sometimes, you have to force it with pressure. When you try and try again even after failing zillion times, this is what true success is. Always make sure that the creative block is gone away one way or another.

Stretch Your Limits

Always know that creativity has no limits. You might be creating barriers in your way by limiting your skills and not being willing to push the limits of your skills. Don’t be afraid to take the next step and always step up to the challenge. Even if it is beyond your horizon, make sure to push the boundaries and take them to the limits for trying something new and different always. It requires guts to be creative and think out of the box. Don’t let anything hold you back; overcome your fear and beat the creative block.


The tips presented above are tried and tested by designers and artists worldwide. They have failed and gained learning from their experiences to become the professionals they are today. If you come across a mental block today, make sure to go through these tips and try something different because one way or another, you have to overcome the creative block and unleash your inner creativity to create a masterpiece.