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Effective and Successful Marketing Tools that are Overlooked in Digital Marketing Strategies

Effective and Successful Marketing Tools that are Overlooked in Digital Marketing Strategies

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In the dynamic environment of today, the domination of digital marketing is overwhelming. Digital marketing has gained prominence over the last decade with the social media evolution and people exploring online markets. This has given rise to e-commerce and consumers preferring to shop online. For gaining exposure and reaching a wider audience, digital marketing is a necessary component that has been adopted by companies. It has helped them to reach new heights of success with earth-shattering results. Post the Covid-19 era, the trend of online shopping and digital marketing has increased multifold. The physical existence was zero due to lockdowns worldwide. Hence, it presented companies with an opportunity to become online juggernauts with massive turnover and revenues.

The digital marketing aura has spread worldwide. Yet, there are still some effective marketing tools that generally faded out over time and digital marketing took over. Well guess what? They are making a comeback showing relevance in today’s world. These tools are generally overlooked and underutilized by companies focusing on digital methods to augment their online exposure. This article sheds light on tools that have been overshadowed by digital marketing in today’s dynamic world but still can forge a strong brand. These tools include offline marketing integration, conversational marketing, long-form content marketing, user-generated content, collaborative marketing, emotional and personal connection, micro-influencer, and interactive content.

Offline Marketing Integration

Online digital marketing has taken over the world. Companies are focused on reaching the fingers tips of customers within their handheld and personalized devices through mobile marketing. However, offline marketing integration including print media, electronic media, billboards, pamphlets and sponsorships is ignored. For successful and effective digital marketing, and making the brand connect with the audience, it is necessary that online and offline marketing should be done simultaneously. Social media marketing should be done with billboards and sponsorships to create a better brand image and enhance brand value.

Offline Marketing Integration

The world firmly believed in mass marketing in previous times. It catered to large audiences with a single product offering. The world then moved to personalized marketing offering unique and tailored products to the customer’s needs working on niche marketing. Email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and mobile marketing were made personalized for one-on-one conversations with clients. However, when the digital mediums got a boom, it was again directed towards the mass audience. Marketing automation and self-service overshadowed personalized brand connection with the audience. Live chat, chatbots and social media engagement are effective ways to personally connect with customers and enhance brand loyalty.

Long-Form Content

In the time of social media dominance where users consume bite-sized small content and have short attention spans, long-form content has lost its place in the world of marketing. Content marketing was once considered the epitome of success where users engaged with the brand by viewing their compelling content. TikTok videos are generally 10-15 seconds in length, while YouTube and Instagram have shorts and reels respectively that engage the audience for a short time. Long-form content marketing in social media marketing has lost its charm. However, detailed articles, guidelines and research-induced written content engage users like no other. People are still interested in knowing what’s trending or going around the world with detailed content. But it does not mean that short content will have to be ignored. To be successful, it is necessary to involve both types of content for effective marketing.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content has gained popularity over the years with people indulging in social media marketing engagement as part of their digital marketing strategy. However, it is still overlooked by many companies. Customers have the power to build a brand allowing it to conquer new frontiers. For this purpose, it is necessary to engage users to post content. Businesses need to encourage customers to create and share content with communities to boost engagement and authenticity strengthening the brand. UGC helps companies to stay connected with their target audience while also encouraging others to engage with the brand, enhancing their digital image with effective marketing.

Collaborative Marketing

Collaborative marketing is often overlooked because companies look at other companies as rivals. But collaborative marketing can be an effective digital marketing strategy for businesses. Collaborating across industries can lead to reaching expansion, leveraging audiences, and becoming mutually beneficial in the marketing campaigns for each other. Social media marketing can be done effectively by collaborating across companies both within the industry as well as beyond the industrial boundaries.

Emotional Storytelling

Storytelling is an interactive way of communicating your brand’s marketing message. Although storytelling is an effective marketing technique, brands often ignore the element of emotions being added to the brand’s story. Emotional storytelling in social media marketing can help companies establish a strong and deep connection with the audience evoking customer loyalty and brand identity being distinguished to a great extent. With content marketing, adding an emotional touch to the brand’s story makes it compelling resulting in a strong brand personality being crafted. Adding emotions is often overlooked by brands because they believe in logical reasoning. To become successful, an emotional story can be the way to the brand’s success.


Every brand utilizes the services of macro-influencers and celebrities that endorse the brand and are followed by millions. Influencer marketing is a common tool being utilized by companies to market themselves. However, the importance of micro-influencers in influencer marketing is overlooked often by companies. Micro-influencers are people that have smaller and niche followings but influencers establish a deep connection with their small but loyal followers. The fans follow them and listen to what they are saying. Brands need to engage micro-influencers to connect better with the audience to establish a strong brand through underutilized digital marketing tools.


With the emergence of digital marketing in the last decade and online digital marketing strategies taking the world of the internet and branding by storm, some strategies are being overlooked and overshadowed with underutilization while other tools have gained enough emphasis more than what is required. Brands need to integrate both online and offline marketing methods to become successful because these underutilized methods have proven to be part of effective marketing and successful social media marketing campaigns. Next time you think about digitally marketing your brand, make sure that these methods can help you widen your reach.