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Mobile App Design Trends: Navigating the Latest in Custom Mobile App Development

Mobile App Design Trends: Navigating the Latest in Custom Mobile App Development

The top and latest mobile app design trends for custom apps.

Mobile app development is not just about visually appealing looks and elements that add the spark to the app. But, functionality makes up an integral component in a custom mobile application. Mobile application design trends are evolving and so is the landscape of mobile app development. Coping up with the design trends is necessary if the business wants to stay in competition and outsmart rivals. Indulging and adapting to the emerging UI/UX design trends in custom app development is important to create user-friendly and successful applications. With technological advancements, customer demands are also shifting. Now, users are expecting more other than what they have already seen. So, designers are developers are required to adapt to the latest trends. Today, we discuss the latest mobile app design trends in custom mobile app development in detail and take you through the journey.

Tailored Experiences

The world is full of generic applications and as a business, your application must stand out. In this dynamic era, users have different preferences so a one-fits-all strategy is likely to backfire. A personalized and unique experience in your app can be a game-changer. Tailored experiences are trending in 2023 and custom app design and development services can address this demand by designing user interfaces that meet specific needs. Designing user interfaces that resonate well with brand identity and user preferences is likely to be successful rather than just using indifferent color schemes and icons.

Vintage UIs are Returning

In case you haven’t noticed, the vintage color schemes, fonts and styles that were popular in the 80s and 90s are making a comeback. Minimalism in design has taken a backseat after dominating the entire decade. However, minimalism is still not out of fashion, it’s just that vintage style has overtaken it. The trend is shifting towards classic styles using vivid and bright colors with funky typography to engage and attract users in mobile app designs. But, the basics won’t change – don’t clutter your app with too many elements as it will still disengage the users. Nostalgia has always been a key element in evoking positive emotions and hence, the vintage styles are returning. Custom app design and development services should look to incorporate the styles into their custom app design for a better reach, especially with Gen Z.

Animation is Leading the Charts

It is 2023 and animation is likely to continue its dominance in this decade. Animation is the tool that catches the user’s attention in any form. Microinteractions, illustrations, small icons, bouncing effects, subtle animations etc. add the element of fun to keep the users interested. In animation, your imagination is limitless and the extent to which you can think defines your app’s design. Being a top trend, custom app designers are looking to integrate animations in every way possible to make the app design stand out. Custom mobile app development services are taking the game to the next level with animation at the forefront. Abstract, 3D and simple 2D animations are not only visually appealing but also enhance the user experience and satisfaction in the app.


Microinteractions in the past year have gained significant attention. It is undoubtedly the trend of the year along with animations. With time, microinteractions have become a must-have for custom app design and development. Microinteractions primarily are small responses occurring within the mobile app when the user performs an action. Button animations, sound notifications, push notifications, haptic feedback and loading screen animations can be counted as microinteractions. This increases user engagement and responsiveness in custom mobile apps. App design and development services are now designing app interfaces embedded with microinteractions to enhance user experiences.

Minimalism and Simplicity

As discussed before, minimalism has always been the trend from the beginning. Although its use increases and decreases with time it is always there. Minimalistic custom app design focuses on the decluttered interface and streamlined easy navigations with a focus on essential elements only. Removing unnecessary elements, custom app design and development services enhance the app’s usability as per user preferences. This provides the user with a highly enjoyable experience and a clean interface. Minimalistic designs focus on making things simple so users don’t have to navigate through the app for a single option. Lengthily and complex interfaces with confusing navigations drive the users away from the app. Custom app designers make sure that your app is highly engaging to retain users.

Dark Mode and User Comfort

From the initial times, in both websites and mobile apps, white-coloured backgrounds were used which were readable and enticing but with time became outdated. In the past years, apps and websites introduced dark mode as a trend to make the interface look stylish. Now, it has become a standard feature for many mobile applications. It provides eye comfort when using apps and websites with dark mode. Beyond the aesthetics, dark mode reduces eye strain and improves battery life, eventually impacting the device performance on OLED screens. Users always have the option to toggle between light and dark modes based on their preferences and environment.

AR and VR Integration

Augmented and virtual realities have been in discussion over the past couple of years. However, it is only now that their increased integration has pushed the mobile app developers to adopt it into the applications they are developing. One of the emerging mobile app design trends, AR and VR has promised to shape the world of mobile apps. With AR, people can integrate the features of a virtual world into the real world to get an immersive experience such as try-on clothes or furniture. This makes the purchase decision easier for consumers based on rationality. VR is being used extensively in education, training and healthcare to create engaging and learning experiences for people around the world. With AR and VR integration, the mobile apps will continue to attract new users and even further increase mobile app usage because of their uniqueness.

What Lies Ahead?

The evolution of technology continues to shape the world we live in. In the digital landscape, incorporation of the new and emerging technologies is imperative. Mobile apps have gained significant attention over the past years and will continue to grab eyeballs in the near future. Only time will tell what the future beholds. Moreover, the emergence of artificial intelligence in the form of AI chatbots, AI-based voice user interface (VUI), product suggestions and recommendations will become an evolving trend soon. Brutalist design, enhanced security with face and touch ID verifications and social media microinteractions will take the app usage one level up. Adopting the emerging design trends will not only help in exceeding user expectations but also place your custom mobile app one step ahead of the competitors.

In the dynamic world of mobile app development, staying attuned to user preferences and technological advancements ensures that custom-designed apps remain relevant, engaging, and indispensable to users worldwide. By combining innovation with user-centric design, developers can craft mobile applications that not only follow current trends but also set new standards for the future. If you are looking for custom app design and development services, there’s no better place than Design Vikings. With a dynamic, skilled and well-equipped team, we have the proficiency and expertise to deliver what you want. With our well-versed and inclusive process, we make sure that your app stands out in the market. Get ahead of your competitors by choosing Design Vikings – one place for all your business solutions.