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SEO Alchemy: Mastering the Art of Google Rankings Risk-Free

SEO Alchemy: Mastering the Art of Google Rankings Risk-Free

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The world of digital marketing revolves around Google rankings. Business owners are well aware that ranking higher or on the first Google page is the pinnacle of online success. If you’re ranked on the first page, you will likely get more clicks, higher visibility, high conversions, and more revenue. Yet, getting ranked higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) is not enough, but sustainability is. You have to maintain your rank without getting penalized by Google Algorithm. Ethics and following Google’s guidelines are important in staying sustainable in Google rankings, called white hat SEO strategies.

Conversely, black hat SEO strategies are also used by businesses to gain short-term benefits. However, they are harmful in the long run severely hitting the site rankings. Google penalties can cause a complete loss of organic traffic while also dropping your website to the lowest rankings which will eventually take days, weeks or years to recover. With the correct strategies in place, it is surely possible to master the art of Google rankings. Adhering to the guidelines and gaining sustainable rankings without the risk of incurring penalties or facing setbacks is the aim. Let’s journey to the world of white hat SEO strategies that can help you in achieving higher ranking. Learn how to gain sustainably and soar up Google search results.

Google Algorithm

Google Algorithm is very dynamic. It keeps on changing, even without any official announcement or posting of any official updates. It is estimated that annually, around 600 algorithm changes are made by Google. This averages to 2 algorithm changes every day. About 15 years back, the algorithm was weak and black hat strategies were pretty successful. However, since 2011-2012, the algorithm has grown exponentially well detecting any black hat techniques used and penalizing the website. White hat strategies with Google algorithm guidelines ensure that only the best results stay competitive and visible. SEO experts need to have ample knowledge of Google Algorithm to apply the right strategies.

Current Rankings

Before implementing any SEO strategy, you need to make sure that your SEO foundation is strong. For that purpose, you need to check the current status of your website and its Google rankings. To check the ranking, make sure your site is properly indexed and the keywords used on the website are ranked higher. Also, the content on the website should be genuine, high-quality, SEO-friendly and engaging which entices the users to share it on their website. Many people might not be able to track the lacking in their website at first glance, but there might be possibilities of errors and inefficiency in the website. Google pays special attention to these factors so always make sure to improve your website’s health. Website speed, mobile optimization, intuitive navigation, and responsive design (including mobile responsive) are factors which all contribute to the rankings.

SEO Metrics

The SEO strategist and expert should always know the right metrics to be used for gaining better rankings. The first element is organic traffic, which can be directed in many ways. Although non-organic channels were less common in the past, they have paved their way into the industry for website ranking. Still, organic ranking is the primary source of website traffic today. Google Analytics can be used to know the source for which channels are the most efficient for bringing in traffic. Organic traffic conversions are most important as this traffic is your priority potential customer. Organic ranking is done through keyword ranking for transactional keywords. All of these metrics can help you build a strong online business identity capable of dominating the industry. Furthermore, set up an SEO dashboard to track your metrics and analyze the results.

Mobile Friendliness

Many people might not know that mobile responsiveness is a key factor in determining Google rankings. In fact, mobile responsiveness brings in more than 50% of website traffic, so it is a paramount factor. Google uses mobile-first indexing looking at the website as a mobile device rather than a desktop version. If your website is difficult to navigate even for a mobile, the rankings will suffer greatly. There are approximately 6.8 billion smartphone users worldwide and to get better rankings, you need to reach out to them. Providing a higher user experience on the website ensures that people will be engaged and higher rankings will be achieved. SEO experts should give keen consideration and keep mobile friendliness at the top of the priority list as it is a cornerstone of a strong SEO foundation.

Keyword Research and On-Page SEO

Before diving into the world of keyword research and restarting the on-page SEO process again, it is important to know the current link-building techniques and strategies used on the website. Holding to outdated methods can do more harm than good for your website. Bad links hurt your website to irreversible damage, it is important to get links of the unnatural and bad links that might affect your rankings. After you’ve let go of these ineffective methods, it’s time to start again by performing keyword research and on-page SEO optimization. Updated tags and keyword analysis help in achieving a better rank for websites. Also, keep an active eye on your competitor’s keywords and how are they utilizing the effective words for ranking higher on the websites.

Another technique is to look for lower-ranked and low-competition keywords. Look out for words that people are not using, but have a higher reach and the capability to get higher impressions. Boost these worlds to quickly move up the rankings on Google. SEO experts should have hands-on experience with the latest techniques of on-page SEO to help the website achieve higher rankings on SERP.

Content Generation

Content generation is one of the key aspects of SEO because high-quality content with the right keywords helps you rank better on search engines, especially attracting organic traffic to your website. Strategic keyword incorporation is an art and, while many people might write amazing content offering great insights attracting the audience, the absence of keywords might make it of no use. Your content might get lost in loads and loads of data available online. You might lose a potential client that your competitor can take if they have the right content with useful keywords. A few methods that can be used for effective content generation include data-driven articles, storytelling, shareability and captivating headlines, and multimedia content. Users might not always like the text content that becomes repetitive. Ensure to add multimedia channels such as videos, infographics, animated GIFs, comics and podcasts to keep the users engaged and sustain their interest.


The power of building website links in the most effective manner cannot be undermined. It is crucial for gaining higher rankings and gain enhanced visibility. Anchor, editorial and internal text linking are some of the effective ways for on-page SEO and can generate results. Black hat strategies including creating tons of websites for backlinks to your main website can cause severe problems. Google Algorithm can detect deceptive means and your website rankings might suffer. Natural backlinks are formed by external websites that find your content worthy of a read and share, creating a backlink for your website. Companies in the past have used many unethical means for backlinks, but these strategies can only be effective in the short-term but the harm they cause in the long run is irreversible. SEO experts must have adequate knowledge of white hat link building to help your website rank better.


With all the white hat strategies of SEO alchemy discussed the article has given a comprehensive review of the strategies that SEO professionals and experts can use without getting hurt by Google penalties for unethical practices of SEO. The optimization of websites must not only engage the users but resonate with them on a personal level that urges them to share the content and increase engagement which all contribute to higher Google rankings. Remember, ranking on the first page increases your visibility, and the chances of conversion are higher. More clicks mean more conversions and in turn more revenue and profitability. If you’re looking for professional SEO services, Design Vikings offer them. Our SEO experts have all kinds of expertise and are all well aware of all the white hat SEO techniques that can help you bolster to the top of Google rankings.