For all businesses, it is necessary to differentiate from others if they want to survive and succeed. Particularly for startup businesses, establishing their identity is the only way to be competitive. A logo is the face of your business and serves as the visual identity for you. It is an entire realm of graphic design where logos can be impactful for businesses of all sizes. Design Vikings Australia is a premium design agency providing one-stop solutions to businesses. We offer all types of logo design, website, branding and digital marketing solutions that help you skyrocket your business. We understand that getting a separate identity is crucial for every business. But that does not mean that you break your bank to get your desired logo. Design Vikings Australia believes in bringing your vision to life within the range of your pocket.

Design Vikings Differentiation Factors

Our core competency lies in two differentiation factors – price and creativity. Since we are experts in our work, we foster creativity at all stages of logo design. With a compelling logo, we make sure that your brand identity leaves a lasting legacy behind that people can look up to. But the story doesn’t end here. Our second differentiation factor is that of the price. We know that startups are capital-intensive and have to focus on millions of things. Also, they don’t have the luxury of investing tons and loads of money to make a logo. We target this market specifically because we were at this stage as well. Our designers understand your requirements completely and produce a result that best suits you without emptying your pockets. That is why, at Design Vikings Australia, you get exactly what you are looking for.

Logo Design Pricing: Design Vikings

The pricing at Design Vikings is one of our major attention points. We truly believe that every business deserves to carve its own path to success. That is why we offer our service excellence to all the businesses in Australia. We are also located in Texas in the USA and we are covering the North American and Australian audiences. But we consider one thing for all our audiences regardless of their location –price. All of the information you need can be found on and to see our portfolio. Although we consider pricing as a key factor, we make sure that all our services should be affordable and accessible to all. With logo design services starting from as low as AUD 120, we offer you 4 holistic logo design concepts to meet your requirements. Yes, we are affordable, but we do not compromise on quality by lowering our prices.

We have a range of packages for businesses of all sizes starting from AUD 120 and going all the way up to AUD 1666. Our packages include logo special package (AUD 120), logo plus package (AUD 699), logo platinum package (AUD 999) and gold package (AUD 1666). The packages contain different options for choosing dedicated designers and logo concepts which businesses can avail of. If you are looking for an all-in-one option, we offer a basic combo priced at AUD 2500 offering logo design, basic website, intro/outro animation, web content, and business stationery. Also, if you are searching for custom services, Design Vikings Australia can help you in finding just the right match. By consulting with our expert business analysts, you not only get proper guidance about what best fits your needs, but you can also get a quotation that is tailor-made for you.

Special Offers and Discounts

Design Vikings Australia truly cares for all of its clients, customers and potential customers. We offer specialized discounts and offers on many occasions including the public holiday package. Our offers are also applicable if you are a first-time customer or a recurring customer. Because we offer discounts and offers to all businesses, we know that the premium pricing we offer might not be affordable for everyone. For this, we put up different offers from time to time to offer discounts so our customer base can avail of our services. Our logo design services are rendered by industry professionals and market leaders who have designed packages as per your needs. Although the national holidays differ in the North American and Australian regions, we consider both regions for our offerings on our websites.

Public Holidays

With half of the year behind us, there are not many upcoming public holidays in Australia. The most prominent ones include Labor Day which falls on 2nd October, Christmas Day falling on 25th December and Boxing Day which falls on the very next day of Christmas on 26th December. On all public holidays, you can visit our website to avail 20% discount on all our packages to get our excellent services. Also, on 25th of December, you can get a special 25% discount on all our orders. From time to time, we will be telling you about the offers as they come.

Signup and Landing Discount Offers

When you land on our page, you get a pop-up form for discounts that keep up to 1 hour and offer a 10% discount for you. With time, we also offer our recurring customers discounts on our packages. When you avail of the same service for the second time, you also get discounts which are further discussed below.

Recurring Discounts

We also offer rushed orders and offer all the expedited services for an additional fee of AUD 100. Expedited services help you to get faster turnaround time and quick revisions if your business is launching soon. However, if you take any package from us the next time, we offer 20% OFF on all your next orders. If you are one of our star customers, we might offer more discounts depending upon the frequency of your purchase.

Empowering Your Business with Design Vikings Australia

Everything in your logo including the color, typography and all the elements and curves is a narrator of your hard work and struggles. It helps to make a strong first impression on your customers. A unique and compelling logo doesn’t have to eat up all your resources drain your pockets and put you through mental stress. Design Vikings Australia takes pride in understanding the financial constraints you are faced with. Particularly if you are a new business or startup, Design Vikings Australia is a powerhouse helping you to achieve stardom. We blend creativity with cost-effectiveness to deliver the best results for you. We help you create logos that capture the essence of your brand at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Remember that we have the best packages for you all but the discounts we offer are the cherry on top. Be sure to avail the discounts to get the best price for your logo design in Australia.

What’s Next?

Now that we have opened up the upcoming discounts that we are going to offer, don’t hold yourself back. Visit our website to learn more about our services and pricing. Visit our website on the holidays to get a special holiday discount or become a recurring customer to avail 20% off on all your next orders. Design Vikings Australia is waiting to serve you in the best way and best prices. Be sure to check out our social media page and website to know the up-and-coming offers. Hurry up, before the time runs out. We welcome you to a new dimension in the logo design realm.