Custom App Security: Robust Measures and Data Integrity

Since the inception of the internet, the web and mobile applications have gained significant prominence. Over the past decade, the rise in smartphone usage has exponentially increased. According to Statista, as of 2023, a total of 6.92 billion people own or use a smartphone, accumulating 85.55% of the world’s population. With such a staggering number, […]

Why is updating mobile applications regularly important for users and developers in 2023?

Updating Mobile Applications Regularly

If you already own a mobile application or planning to launch one in the near future, you should always ask yourself some basic questions, particularly regarding updating mobile applications regularly. Otherwise, this includes the app’s purpose, features, budget, timeline, marketing tactics, and support. However, one important question that often misses out is how important are […]

Cross-Platform Development: Pros and Cons for Mobile Applications

Cross-Platform Development Design Vikings

Cross-platform mobile applications have become a go-to for many businesses since they possess numerous advantages to a wider audience. Businesses are continuing to lean towards cross-platform app development in the current time. It has the capability to run on multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows using a single codebase. Cross-platform development offers a number […]