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Animating the Future: Top 10 Game-Changing Video Animation Trends in 2023

Animating the Future: Top 10 Game-Changing Video Animation Trends in 2023

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The Future of Animation

In the world of branding, creativity knows no bounds. The world of pixels goes beyond the realm of digital existence and can help companies to outshine their competition by a fair margin. As we step foot into 2023, the dynamic landscape of video animation services is evolving at an unprecedented rate. With immense potential, it promises to shape how mass audience perceives and interact with visual content. From spellbinding augmented and virtual reality experiences to vintage and retro feels, the time ahead is full of opportunities. The industry serves as a playground ready to unlock doors of innovation for both animators and enthusiasts. In this context, we look at the top 10 game-changing video animation trends that will shape 2023. Get ready for these trends to transform the landscape of storytelling and visual communication. Fasten your seatbelt as we take you to ride through the list.

1) Mixed Media Animation

2D and 3D animations have been longstanding techniques for video animation services across the globe. However, the trend has been changing recently. Animations are increasingly using the combined strength of both 2D/3D animation techniques to create visually stunning works of art. The sense of depth and realism that this technique adds to the animation is nothing less than a work of magic. Mixed media animation creates visually rich and engaging content offering depth and fluidity. This cannot be possible using one technique alone.

2) Kinetic Typography

Long emphasized, typography creatively sets businesses apart from each other. Now imagine the power it has in visual content that can appeal to the audience. Kinetic typography is the use of text and typography to move in a manner that looks visually appealing and engaging. This animation engages the audience through out-of-the-box visuals and captivating motions. Kinetic typography in video animation services can help explain a concept or tell a story difficult to depict otherwise. The visuals keep the audience interested making them spellbound to the screen.

3) Anti-Gravity and Floating Animation

Video animations have always adhered to the rules of physics, conveying genuine emotions and showcasing real-world possibilities. In 2023, video animation services will move beyond the laws of physics to incorporate anti-gravity and floating animations. The animation depicts a funky, cool and edgy style not only interactive and engaging but also humorous in nature. In an environment where objects and elements defy the laws of gravity, we create a never-seen-before immersive experience. We create a surreal and dreamlike sequence to captivate readers and instill a sense of wonder and amazement.

4) Flat Animation

One can perceive this type of video animation service as a timeless and enduring style. Since the inception of video animation services, flat animation has always been present and will go on to till the end of time. Drawing from the principles of minimalism and simplicity, we employ flat animation styles to convey profound sentiments and brand messages. The flat animation style utilizes shapes and colors to create a clean and modern look. Marketers and advertisers often utilize this style due to its versatile nature, adapting it to various platforms and sizes.

5) AI-Generative Animation

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to a shift in paradigm. The work that took hours to complete can be done in seconds. AI-Generative animation enables achieving everything from character animation, background creation, and lighting to walking, talking, and parkour within minutes. Although creativity knows no boundaries, the use of AI tools can help animators focus on more creative aspects. Google DeepDream, Adobe Sensei and other deep-motion software are being used to power these AI tools for achieving unimaginable results.

6) Lo-Fi Animation

Previously, rough animations were out of the question since they seemed unfinished. As the times have evolved, the rough animation styles or simply put less polished animation are in the contemporary race. Using simplified elements, lo-fi animations create a sense of nostalgia, humor and quirkiness. With lower production costs, lo-fi animation can be a great source to engage audiences for greater output. The unpolished look is embedded deliberately with the use of shapes, limited colors and rough drawings to create a charming and authentic feel. The approach is synonymous with creativity rather than perfection and is commonly used in indie projects and music videos.

7) Collage Animations

Do you remember making collages in childhood for your school projects or your best friends? Well, this style is back with a bang with a digital touch. Combining different types of media including photographs, animations and illustrations gives rise to collage animations. A single visual content that encompasses all the elements of media can convey a sense of personalization and warmth. With engaging outcomes, collage animations create a unique and visually appealing style perfect for marketing and advertising. Storytelling can also be done through collages but is less common.

8) AR Animations

The world has moved beyond the digital realm. The world of augmented reality (AR) has taken over. The immersive experience gained through AR animations is second to none. AR is something in between virtual reality and reality. It can turn your real-world imagery and embed the virtual elements through the lens of your mobile. Burberry and IKEA Place are two prime examples of using AR applications to provide immersive experiences to their users. There is a thin line between virtual reality and reality and AR maintains that through technology.

9) VR Animations

Everyone is aware of the metaverse concept. It is a totally virtual world where people can interact with other individuals by wearing a VR headset. These devices take you on a journey to a new world that only exists in the world of technology. Creators are crafting animations within the VR world to provide audiences with an entirely novel sensory experience. VR creates 3D environments where users interact, move and explore the dimensions in the virtual world. Animations in VR consider spatial awareness, realistic scale, fluid transitions, and interactive elements.

10) Retro/Vintage Style

Retro styles were pretty common during the 80s and 90s. These styles are emotionally connected to the audiences and hence, evoke a feeling of nostalgia among the masses. Animators tend to create retro/vintage style videos that take the user on a journey through time to the past. Using old animation techniques such as grainy gradients, vintage characters or texture-based backgrounds, the vintage feels can be evoked in audiences looking to relive their past memories. Video animation services make sure that the visual content achieves what it is intended to achieve.


The world is moving at a rapid pace and the animation realm is no different. We have discussed 10 game-changing video animation trends that will shape the future in 2023. Embracing these trends not only implies staying up to date, but reshaping the way we captivate audiences, tell stories, and convey ideas. The video animation realm is moving beyond the creative boundaries and exploring untapped opportunities for animators and video animation services. From pushing the realism boundaries to delving into the world of augmented and virtual reality, each trend showcases a different approach towards visual content. Whether you’re a content creator, animator, business owner or enthusiast, take note of these trends to stay ahead of the curve. By using creative video animation services, transform mere pixels into immersive and unforgettable experiences never seen before.